North-African artist

 Ami Taf Ra's musical journey has been deeply influenced by a rich tapestry of Arabic music from iconic artists such as Um Khaltoum, Warda, and Asmahan. Her passion for music was ignited at the age of 14 when her mother gifted her an album by the legendary Lebanese singer Fairuz. This gift sparked a love for Fairuz's fusion compositions with jazz, leading Ami Taf Ra to realize that she could blend her Western and Arabic musical influences. This realization inspired her to enroll at the Music School of Amsterdam, where she immersed herself in music and performance, becoming a member of the Gospel world choir and performing with local bands.


At 18, she ventured to the heart of Arabic music in Cairo, Egypt, where she recorded her first Arabic song in the same studio where the renowned Abdelhalim Hafez had recorded his music. Since then, Ami Taf Ra has taken her music to audiences around the world, captivating listeners in Denmark, Turkey, Morocco, Belgium, Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan. Her debut album, "EastWest," recorded in Amsterdam in 2018, showcases her talent and versatility, featuring original compositions and covers in collaboration with musicians from across Europe and Turkey.


Ami Taf Ra's performances in the Netherlands have been nothing short of spectacular, gracing renowned festivals such as the South East Jazz Festival and the Haarlem Jazz Festival. Notably, she had the honor of performing with the Dutch Royal Metropole Orchestra at the Royal Concert Hall (Concertgebouw) and the Dutch Blazers Ensemble, both of which were broadcast on live national television. Her tribute to the Middle-East icon Fairouz stands as a testament to her dedication to bridging musical traditions.